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What is the definition of the perimeter security market?


Professional services and managed services make up the two service-based divisions of the perimeter security market. Instead of spending a fortune on expensive gear and on-premises software, users may use cutting-edge video surveillance equipment and management systems with managed services at a reasonable cost.

Managed services allow SMEs to pay for just the features they need without having to pay for all of them. Additionally, managed service features contribute to raising the amount of perimeter security available.


Natural barriers or artificial fortifications that detect intrusions into a location under watch and notify the guards so they may respond appropriately are known as perimeter security. A perimeter security system keeps intruders out and hostages inside the guarded area to deter burglary and damage. The combined electrical and mechanical components that make up perimeter security systems include concertinas, tactical radars, video sensors, sensor cables, fences with sensors, and microwave and infrared barriers.

What does perimeter security mean?

Systems and technology that safeguard persons and property inside a building and its grounds by preventing unauthorized physical breaches over the perimeter are referred to as physical perimeter security.

The holistic site and property perimeter, such as the fence line, the inner territory perimeter, such as specific buildings or important infrastructure, the building façade perimeter, or the external building shell, and the internal perimeter, such as internal space where restricted access is required, should all be equipped to protect the boundary. Each layer should aid in preventing, detecting, and delaying incursion.

Technology advancements over the previous ten years have contributed to the expansion of perimeter security systems. Perimeter security solutions are now used in places like commercial and residential sites, retail spaces, transportation sites, and many other urban and remote locations. Historically, these solutions were used to prevent and detect intrusions in military facilities, critical infrastructure, and other high-risk sites.

Key Industry Insights & Findings from the report:

Some Important Factors in perimeter security market

Due to the significant expenditures made by several countries in smart infrastructure projects, the video surveillance systems sector is anticipated to see the quickest CAGR over the projected period. The necessity to increase safety and security across numerous industries is a major factor in the market’s expansion. Due to substantial developments in cloud hosting and video surveillance software, the surveillance industry has transformed in contrast to the previous ten years. Over the course of the forecast period, the market for alarms and notification systems is anticipated to expand slowly. Over the next eight years, the maintenance and support systems are expected to increase the quickest. Major applications for perimeter security systems are anticipated in the transportation end-use sector.

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