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7 Various Types Of Web Development Companies

Website Development Companies

Each business has its unique requirements when it comes to developing a website. Because of this, web development service providers offer various types of services. Depending on the services they offer, there are different types of web development companies. You need to identify the right web development company for your business to find the ultimate solution.

Read this article to learn how we have categorized web development companies by the key services they offer. 

Website Development: What is it?

Website development is primarily the process of creating websites. It also involves things like setting up servers, hosting email, and registering domain names. Web developers also create security layers to safeguard clients’ private information. Thus after planning and designing, developers and designers collaborate to create a website from scratch.

7 various types of web development companies that can help grow your business

You must be aware of the type of website development you require before hiring a company to create your company’s website. Finding the ideal provider of website development services in India is only possible after that.

For your better understanding, we’ve listed 7 different categories of website development companies below, so have a look.

1. Full stack development agencies:

When you need a company to handle both front-end and back-end development, you must work with a full-stack development agency. The professionals at these firms are capable of handling interface optimization in addition to website design and coding. Additionally, they look after securely connecting the website to the server.

Such businesses typically engage developers that are skilled in Angular and React.js. They have experience with Ruby on Rails as well. Make sure the developer has extensive expertise in UI/UX design while searching for a full-stack development company. Additionally, having the right database expertise and the ability to recognize the latest technologies are requirements.

2. CMS website development agencies:

When seeking CMS systems like WordPress, Jumla, and Drupal, you must look for businesses that offer CMS website development services. The process of creating a business website is significantly simplified when CMC systems are used. Additionally, it allows you the opportunity to create a visually appealing website. Indeed, platforms like WordPress are SEO-friendly and offer extra plugins to suit your specific requirements. Moreover, such CMS platforms will satisfy your desire for a user-friendly website. Such websites are created by skilled programmers in such a way that adding, editing, or even publishing content doesn’t seem difficult.

3. E-commerce website development agencies:

Launching your online store needs experts’ guidance and that’s why you need to hire experts from such agencies. Online shopping stores are increasing day by day as their popularity for shopping at everyone’s convenience.

Therefore, to give your customers the most benefit of online shopping you need to hire expert e-commerce website developers. It is also possible to prepare customized e-commerce stores simply by adding features as per your business requirements. Usually, developers prefer using platforms like Magento to develop user-friendly and reliable e-commerce sites.

4. PHP development companies:

You will also find website development companies that offer PHP web development services based on the PHP scripting language. Mainly, PHP is an open-source and free scripting language which has become a popular pick for web development. It often goes with database software like MySQL and also has a lot of frameworks like Laravel and Zend. Apart from that it also includes numerous packages and libraries. Usually, back-end development offers PHP development services.

5. Python development company:

Scripting languages like Python are essential for back-end development because of their effectiveness. Experts claim that it has a rich ecosystem and a really easy syntax. It also includes a variety of web frameworks, such as Flask, Django, Pyramid, Bottle, and others.

6. Static web development company:

Static web services are unquestionably what you need to look for when developing a website with static content. Being an HTML-only website with static information, it is difficult to update. Hiring companies that provide static web services is necessary if you intend to create an information-based website.

7. Ruby on rails development company:

You must rely on web app frameworks like Ruby on Rails if you need to construct a web app or dynamic web. As a result, some businesses provide Ruby on Rails development services.

How to choose the best web development company?

You would find a list of web development companies if you were looking for the best web development services provider in India. However, if you don’t know how to identify the best one, choosing the best one for your company is undoubtedly not that simple.

Below we have provided a few tips that will help you make the right choice, so take a look.


Hopefully, you have received all the information you are looking for from this article, which will help you find the right company. Consider all the information we have shared to help you make the right decision. Finding the right company is essential for your business. After all, you need the right guidance to take your business to the next level.

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