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The Most Surprising and Unforgettable Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

birthday party venues sloshout

birthday party venues sloshout


If you want to have a memorable day with your friends then you could always go for the good ol’ cocktail party by booking one of the many eclectic Restaurants in Delhi for a Party. This would bring you plenty of seating space for all the friends and family. Restaurants always have loads of assortments of drinks which would make your night more fun and enjoyable

Go for a Murder Mystery Posh theme party, you and your friends could dress up in those flapper dresses or dapper suits. In the roaring, early 1900’s theme, put out martinis and Single Malts for your friends to drink. To add to the entertainment you all could play some murder mystery board games, assign roles to your guests, give them clues and let them solve the mystery while they enjoy dinner and drinks and enjoy your birthday night.

Gamers this one is suited for you. Pull up to the local arcade and jam at tekken with your pals. OR you could actually dig out your old consoles from back in the day and try your hand at that Old Playstation Need For Speed game that you have always wanted to go back to. Ask your friends to bring their own remotes and play off!

If you have a summer birthday and wish to have a chilling, relaxing time with your friends away from your cliche clubs, consider having a pool party at one of the many Party Venues in Gurgaon. Perhaps getting a Farmhouse to chill out in the pool with your friends on your birthday is the way to beat the Delhi Summer heat. 

Rent out a karaoke machine and place it in a room. Allow your guests to take turns singing their favourite songs, and supply props like microphone stands, hats, and sunglasses to help them get in the party mood. There’s always restaurants which host Karaoke Nights out there but not all guests might be comfortable with singing in a public setting hence renting a Karaoke machine could be a great Party entertainment idea. You all could make a playlist of the Birthday boy/girl’s favourite songs and jam your night away.

If you’re seeking nighttime entertainment for celebrating your birthday, you’ll dig the aerial bartending idea. High-flying bartenders will offer unique beverages to your guests in a comfortable setting for this activity. You may also hire bartenders that will do intriguing gestures while pouring drinks to add to the ambiance of your event. Given the dangers of aerial bartending, make sure you take the necessary precautions.

Rent a projector and set up a movie night in the backyard, terrace, or on your balcony. Put out tubs of popcorn and pour out an assortment of Sodas for your guests to select from. To make it economical you can turn this party into a BYOB to set the vibe. Now you and your guests could cuddle up with blankets and pillows for a cozy night with a comforting movie under the stars.

You could perhaps go to an escape room with a couple of friends and take an escape room challenge. Divide them into teams and let them solve puzzles and riddles to escape the room within a set time limit. This would be a great fun activity to perform and let your brains get stimulated over a diversity of Escape Room Games. 

If you’re an artist, a painter or a Graffiti Artist then you could decide to do an Art Jamming session with your chums. Set up an art jamming session with canvases, paints, and brushes. Cover the floor with newspapers or a disposable rug. Work on art pieces or a mural for your wall and let your guests unleash their inner artists and create a masterpiece together. 

These are some valuable tips to get you started. Make sure that your pick is relevant to your interests. Finally, choose an Entertaining Activity that fits your personality and ensures that everyone has a good time!

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