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The information you should have before sending important packages


Sending important packages is easy if you have all the information you need. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that the package is safe and ready for efficient delivery. We’ll cover both topics in great detail below, so that you can optimise your shipping process and delivery.

Order details

Everything starts with order details. If someone placed an order on your website, they will be required to leave several details before they can confirm the order. This will ensure the entire process is respected, and that there isn’t any information missing. Before confirming the order, they also need to accept the terms and conditions, which means that you have enough time to process the order and send it within the agreed time frame. Once you get the order details, confirm that you have all the details you need. If you can, contact the person to once again go over the details of their order.


Next, you need to write a list of items that will be packed within a box. You need to specify the contents of the package to ensure that you pack the specific items and that the courier service also knows what’s being shipped. This description can be short and specific as it can be useful later on.

Receiver’s address

The one who will receive the package is considered the receiver. So, you need to specify the receiver’s address or also the delivery address. This address will be used by the courier to prepare the package for the delivery process. Make sure to either print the address in legible format or write it down so it’s easily readable. Include all pieces of information in full format – full name, full address, postal code and contact number. Double-check the delivery address with the information provided in the order details, so you’ll catch any typos before the package is handmade over to the courier.


Shippers address

The shipper’s address is the address of the person sending the package to the receiver’s address. This address is also known as the return address in case the package is never claimed. If a package has to be returned to the sender for one reason or the other, this address will be used for delivery. If you use different addresses for shipping and returning, you can specify a different address for returned goods. Either way, ensure the detailed information of the sender is written down or printed out.


Package details

Not all orders are the same, so package details will be different. Package details refer to the dimensions of the package and the weight. Since the package has to be packaged and sealed properly, get a suitable seal at Harcor security seals to ensure nobody tampers with the package. Important packages have to be properly secured, and there’s a variety of security seals to choose from.

First, weigh the contents of the package. Next, measure the size to determine the package dimensions. You’ll need a suitable box and you also need to check whether the delivery service can deliver your package securely and efficiently.



Shipping date

The shipping date is important because you need to send the package out to the receiver within the promised time frame. If your service promised to process the order and ship it within five to ten working days, the shipping date has to fall within the promised time frame. Mind you, the receiver can see the date, so if you don’t respect your own shipping rules, you might end up with a disappointed customer.


Comment – additional details

If there are any additional comments, write them down in the comment section. Maybe the receiver has some guidance for the delivery person on where to leave the package. If there’s anything you need to put in the comment section, you’ll have an opportunity to do so.


Barcodes and tracking codes

Barcodes and tracking codes are unique for each package. The delivery service you’ll use to deliver or ship out the package will assign a unique barcode to the package. This number is important so make sure that you choose a service that labels the packages accepted for delivery with this type of technology. Next, a unique tracking number is also assigned to the package.

You can use this number to track the package and ensure it’s en route to the receiver. Once you receive the tracking number, you can also send this number to the receiver via email. The person can then track the package on their own and ensure that they are at the address at the expected time of delivery.


How to ensure that the package is ready for delivery?

Now that we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know before you send an important package, we can move on to the second most important process. You also need to ensure that the package is ready for safe and efficient delivery.


Choose the right package

The weight and the size of the contents of the package will determine the type of packaging. You need to ensure that the contents are delivered without any damage because you won’t have a happy customer and the goods can also get damaged in the process. Ensure you use the right packaging so that the delivery will be as efficient as possible.


Seal it properly

Next, you need to seal the package. If the contents of the package require a high level of safety, you should use security seals. This is the external part of the package, you should also pay attention to the internal part. You should also think about securing the content on the inside by using protective bubble wraps, air bags or any other type of fillers.


Label the package the right way

Everything we’ve covered in the first part of this article falls under this section – label the package. The receiver and return address, the description of the contents, the shipping date, and package details should be labelled properly.


Research the courier service

Not all courier services are the same, nor do they fit all your needs. You might use one service for packages up to two kilograms and the other one for heavier packages. Either way, research your options and track how each one performs for your specific shipping needs.


Double-check delivery speed

It’s up to you to ensure that the package is delivered within the agreed time frame. You should double-check with your chosen courier services to ensure they can deliver on time. If they can’t, and this is an urgent shipment, find another service that can deliver.

Ask for the tracking number

You need to know the tracking number so that you can forward it to the person who made the order. You also need to track the order to ensure it’s delivered upon the agreed time and that the shipping service is as reliable as they claim. When you send the tracking number to the person who made the order, also ask them to confirm that they’ve received the package.


In conclusion – Ask for the feedback

The last thing you need to do to ensure that an important package was labelled correctly, delivered safely and without any damage is to ask for feedback. Call the customer or ask them to fill in a short questionnaire where you inquire about these pieces of information. You can use this feedback to further improve your shipping process and also show your customers that you care about their feedback.



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