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Christmas Gifts Ideas For Her | Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Meaningful Christmas Gifts

During Christmas, many people often have the habit of “exchanging” gifts for each other, this is a good tradition because they send a lot of messages, care, and love to relatives, friends, lovers, wives or husbands, etc. So what can I give her to make her feel special? Let’s find out 12 Christmas gift ideas for her and their meaning. 

About Christmas

There are many different ways to call Christmas, but everyone understands that it is the day on which Jesus was born. It was sometime between the 7th year BC and the 2nd year in Bethlehem in Judea in the Roman Empire (today a city of Palestine). Christmas is officially on December 25 every year, but the evening of December 24 will usually be celebrated and celebrated by the faithful.

Meaning of Christmas gifts

We often organize fun and exciting activities to celebrate Christmas. On this holiday, everywhere will be decorated with pine trees, put out lights, and make caves… creating a jubilant atmosphere everywhere.

Christmas is also a time when people give each other small but meaningful gifts. For Catholics, giving gifts at Christmas also has a very important meaning. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was an act of great sacrifice. Therefore, giving gifts on Christmas is also an expression of sacrifice for others without needing to reciprocate. In addition, Catholics give gifts on Christmas to express their love for their loved ones. Instead of giving gifts directly to each other, people use the image of Santa Claus as a bridge. The gifts will be sent to you by Santa Claus in socks placed by the fireplace or the Christmas tree.

Nowadays it is no longer important where to put the gift, but having a surprise gift still makes you happy is an undeniable thing. Therefore, on Christmas, give unexpected joy with meaningful gifts for her. 

Christmas gift ideas for her

1. Handmade cards

Christmas cards made by yourself are unique gift ideas for women. The recipient will feel happy with the good wishes you want to send to them. You can give a handmade card with typical colors such as white, blue, and red with decorations such as Santa Claus or pine trees, bells, and snowflakes. These handmade cards are not luxury gifts for her, but it comes with many meaningful wishes, showing off your care and sophistication. 

handmade christmas cards

2. Sweater or beanie

At Christmas, the weather is often cold, and the temperature is low, so it is perfectly reasonable to give a black glove, a beanie, or a sweater. The meaning of this gift is to bring warmth to the recipient in the cold winter. Get these Christmas gift ideas for her at Bloomingdales vs Nordstrom for the best price because these shopping giants might offer lots of good deals on Christmas. 

3. Perfume

This is the most popular item. Because the fragrance brings you a seductive touch and can be used when going out. However, giving perfume is not easy, because you don’t know which one the recipient likes. Therefore, you need to carefully observe or guess their preferences to give perfume accordingly. If you get it right, this Christmas gift shows both your care and your own sophistication. Shop at Perfumania with Perfumania Buy One Get One to also give yourself a delicate gift this Christmas. 

4. Teddy bear

Never absent from lists of Christmas gift ideas for her. Teddy bears are one of the easiest gifts to give not only for Christmas but also for various important events, such as birthday gift ideas for her. Teddy bears are easy-to-find gifts and can be given to both male and female friends. Currently, there are many teddy bear models with lovely shapes. You can choose to buy a lovely teddy bear that is suitable for Christmas or based on the preferences of the person you want to give. Teddy bears are meaningful and last long presents.

5. Keychain

These keychains are cute, petite accessories. If you want to impress as well as want the recipient to always remember you, you can choose a lovely keychain to give as a Christmas gift. Because keychains will often be hung with house keys, car keys, briefcases, backpacks, or bags, … And these accessories are often used, so when they see the keychain, the recipient will remember right to you. Therefore, if you have a crush on someone, then buying a keychain as a gift is also a lovely way to express your love.

6. Wool scarf

Christmas is also the time when the weather starts to get cold, so giving Christmas gifts with a woolen scarf is really a meaningful gift. Woolen towels will help keep the body warm on cold winter days. Moreover, a wool scarf is a gift that is not too fussy, both practical and contains the love and sophistication of the giver.

Wool scarf

7. Lipstick

For a girl, lipsticks are an inseparable object and also can be Christmas gift ideas for her. Therefore, on the occasion of Christmas, you can give your girlfriend or best friend lipstick that she likes. If you choose this Christmas gift, it will not only makes her feel surprised but also makes her more beautiful on Christmas day. This Ulta coupon code $15 off $75 will help you have the best choice. 

8. Shoes

It is not mandatory to give Christmas gifts, only souvenirs are allowed. You can try flexibly giving practical gifts like shoes, for example. In particular, when a girl is given shoes, any girl will feel happy. Try giving her a pair of high heels so she can dress up and have fun with Christmas. Refer to this Foot Locker size chart to make sure you can choose the best fit for her. Don’t forget to use Foot Locker 40% Off Promo Code to choose the best Christmas gift for her while still saving the most. 

10. Wallets

Handbags are also one of our Christmas gift ideas for her. Because whether you are a man or a woman, a wallet is an indispensable accessory in this life. If you are close enough to the recipient, you can put a picture of you in the wallet to help the recipient always remember you when opening the wallet.


The meaning of a Christmas gift is understood by many people in different ways, but it is really the sincerity, love, and wishes of the sender to give to the recipient. Hopefully, through the Christmas gift ideas above, you can also understand more about the meaning of Christmas gifts and have some ideas for gift-giving on this holiday. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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