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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Live Streaming In 2023

Live Streaming

Live streaming has gained popularity in recent years. With so many events and online content to show the audience, there is a need for a live streaming service provider to meet the audience’s never-ending demand for content.

Most businesses are looking for these cost-effective solutions to provide real-time content to their audiences. In addition to this, there are other factors like revenue generation, sales funnels, and others that are also key driving forces for the companies. In this blog, we’ll list some of the important advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we’ll also brief you on the importance of live streaming platforms in the current scenario.

Live Streaming: Rising With The Trend 

Live streaming is purely a real-time experience for the audience. It refers to the transmission of video data via the internet. Furthermore, with the help of encoders and decoders, the transmission of data takes place smoothly at the user’s end. In addition to this, the connection is very authentic as it is created in real-time with the target audience.

Most companies are switching to live streaming platforms for hosting their events. These platforms are very cost-effective and have a global audience reach. Live streaming is unlike on-demand content and is uneditable by the presenters. It takes lots of effort to engage with the live audience, but once you manage it successfully, the event is yours.

Why Do We Need Live Streaming?

In the above section, we learned about live streaming and its basic functioning. Now, the question arises in your mind: why is there a need to live stream your event? Here are a few points that also address this: 

Pros And Cons Of Live Streaming In 2023

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using live streaming services for your event.


Revenue Generation

With the help of live streaming services, you can monetize your whole event. Monetizing means your audience has to pay a specific amount for watching your content. On the other hand, you can also make your viewers potential customers with healthy interactions.

A Convenient Option  

Watching a live stream is very easy for the audience. With the help of streaming services, they get access to the stream from the comfort of their homes on their mobile devices or laptops. In addition to this, from the presenter’s point of view, it’s very easy to reach a large pool of the audience via live streaming platforms. For small and big companies looking for announcements, live streaming is very convenient to make their content reach the global level.

It Is Beyond TV

Most of the audience doesn’t know the difference between watching television and any other streaming event. Television is one of the conventional ways of streaming, which is mostly a one-way interaction. On the other hand, live streaming involves two-way communication with the audience through chat rooms, emoji insertion, comments, and much more.

Involvement Of Human Aspect 

Live streaming fosters relationships with viewers since it enables a real-time connection. Because there is less opportunity for viewers to relate to the presenters with videos on demand, the same effect simply cannot be produced. A live stream’s human element is enhanced by the fact that it is actually happening right now. At any point, anything can go wrong. Viewers recognize the authenticity and relate to presenters when they slip up, stutter, or laugh.


Type Of Content 

Live streaming runs on mobile devices and other laptops. It becomes very easy for children to watch inappropriate content while live streaming. In addition to this, there are no restrictions on publishing any type of content on the platforms, making them vulnerable to non-viewable content.

Data Protection 

A live streamer is acting in public if they make a mistake, divulge personal information, or broadcast offensive or inappropriate material. A livestream can be recorded by viewers, who then have the option of uploading or sharing the recording online. 

Technical Glitches

There are always chances of falling victim to technical glitches, even if you take every precaution you can think of. In addition to this, you should also know how to tackle these glitches; otherwise, your event would just be a waste of time for the audience.

Bandwidth Issues 

Most of the live streaming service providers require more bandwidth for streaming the events in high quality for the viewers. In addition to this, it should be taken into consideration that live streaming requires substantial bandwidth for the real-time transmission of data over the internet.

If your device has insufficient bandwidth, you will be unable to stream properly. In fact, most of the events will buffer while playing on the device.

Wrapping Up 

There are online conference platforms that are there to cater to the ever-increasing content demands of the audience. However, with the selection of the right streaming provider, you can actually attract millions of viewers for your event and generate huge revenue from it.

In fact, by live streaming your event, you are able to create a huge library of content for the event. For example, if your session length is three hours, you can easily repurpose this content and break it into mini clips of one hour each before publishing it over the internet.

It is the type of live streaming platform, the session objectives, and the features you want to include in your event that determine the type of live streaming you need for your event.

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